Purpose of Reading to a Child

I want to share a little about why I put this book together. There are many resources available on reading. Why another book on reading to children?

I have taught many students. I have taught many grade levels. I’ve taught reading. I’ve taught English as a Second Language. And I have frequently encouraged parents. “You need to read with your child.”

Or, I’ve talked to children who are learning English as a second language. I tell them to read the English books to their parents so they too can learn.

Why? Why is reading so wonderful?

I can remember learning Spanish. I loved to read in Spanish. One of the reasons I loved to read in Spanish—not only because it helped me develop my fluency in Spanish—but because the words were already right there. I didn’t have to come up with them and pull them out of my head. I could just read them on the page and practice pronouncing them.

But is that what reading is? Pronouncing words correctly?

Reading is about getting meaning from the text.

So, in this book, I provide information to help you create meaning when you read to a child. I also hope that the information will help you and a child can enjoy the experience of reading together.

Some of my best experiences with my children have been around reading. My sons still talk about them. When Ylsa, my Yorkshire terrier came along, she joined us, too. In fact, she continued to sit with me on the couch in the evening when I read, long after my sons were grown. Sometimes I had to pet on her while I read. She didn’t like me not to give her my full attention. Still, she sat with me while I read.

Do you have a time when you read to a child? Are there children you know that you could read to? I want to encourage you to do that, because reading helps us not only go beyond ourselves, it helps us understand other worlds, other cultures, and other people. Reading helps us grow.

That said, my hope is that we can grow together, and that you enjoy the information I provide on reading.

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