Conclusion of Patterns

I want to go through the patterns again. The first one was the repetitive pattern. Then we had the cumulative pattern. Remember it accumulates the different events and then they are taken away. We had the interlocking pattern, which depicts cause and effect. One leads to another.

We had the chronological pattern. So, beginning, middle, and ending. The sequence is important. Science experiments, recipes. We had Peanut Butter and Jelly where we were making a sandwich. We had the growing of the pumpkin seed. These all use the chronological pattern.

We had the familiar cultural pattern. The ABCs, number books, days of the week, months, and holidays. These are all familiar cultural patterns.

We had the problem-solving pattern. These are stories. It can be exposition. But stories are wonderful to use with children.

Then we had the rhyme and rhythm pattern. We also had the main character pattern. These are the eight patterns to look for when you are selecting books to read to children.

Enjoy reading with a child.

Conclusion of Patterns Video