Kathleen "Rose" Miller

Kathleen Rose is an author of close to a dozen inspirational and educational books. Her expertise ranges from relationship building to academic texts for reading.

Kathleen Rose won the Short Story Award for a literary magazine. She has been published in campus and community newspapers, in an international peer-edited educational journal, a college literary magazine, and a music newspaper. She has published dozens of literacy guides and numerous educational articles.

Kathleen Rose has served as an educator in Mexico and in the United States. She has taught students in special reading classes, English as a Second Language classes, special education, elementary school, middle school, and high school. At the university and college levels, she has taught literacy courses to undergraduate and graduate students.

Dr. Miller has been a Program Evaluator of an urban school district and a College Field Coordinator of Teaching Excellence Teams. She understands the importance of communicating and building trust.

Kathleen Rose is a teacher and a learner. She enjoys helping students, parents, and teachers experience success beyond themselves.

Kathleen Rose earned a PhD and an MA in Reading Education, an MA in English as a Second Language, and a BA in Elementary Education. She also studied law.

Most of all, Kathleen Rose is more than an author and an educator. She is a woman devoted to helping others adding value to their lives. She does offers courage and the freedom to see the gifts and purpose within each of us.